Selecting Accountants

If you have ever set-up a business you may well know that in the beginning you usually end up doing everything yourself. This includes everything from accounts to cleaning the office not to mention doing all of the paid work as well.

As your business grows you reach the point where you can’t do everything yourself and if you want to continuing growing you need to employ the services of other people. The first person that you should think about hiring is an accountant.

Ways to choose an accountant

Working relationshipworking

Make sure that the accountant you choose is a person with whom you can have a good working relationship. When you start searching around you may well find a divide in the type of accountants you turn up. One one side will quite often be the bigger accounting firms where you don’t speak to the same person twice. On the other side will be the small accounting companies that tend to deal with businesses in their local area.


Make sure that whoever you choose, they are someone who understands how your business works. You normally find that with larger accounting firms, they tend to specialize in certain areas of business. Smaller accounting firms tend to have a wider experience in dealing with different business types. Ensuring that your accountant knows how your business operates is essential to them being able to carry out a good job for you so make sure that your accountant understands your industry and business set-up.

Comprehensive services

Make sure that the account you choose can offer you a comprehensive range of accounting services. Check to see what services your account can provide and what level of service you will be getting for your money. Most accountants will file your tax return to the Inland revenue for you. With time they can even handle your audits. Some accountants offer additional services such as keeping track of your business performance and helping with your business planning.

Always ask questions

Before selecting ask questions and make sure that you interview several accounts. Always meetingcompare the services that you get for the money that you are paying and compare a few accountants like for like. Check to see if they already have clients in your area of business and see how deep their understanding of your business is.

Selecting the right accountant for your business is not as straight forwards as you may think, but these ways can help you get a good accountant.